Jodie Foster Got Married Last Weekend

Jodie Foster Married


What should be a surprise to no one, Jodie Foster is a lesbian, because she was a prostitute at 13 (for real, watch Taxi Driver), but what seemed to be a surpise to everyone is that she married her girlfriend.

Congrats to Jodie Foster and her new wife Alexandra Hedison. I can exclusively reveal that the Oscar winner and her photographer girlfriend of almost a year got married this past weekend.

If Jodie Foster's Golden Globes speech didn't fill you in, Jodie Foster likes to go down on vagina. That means not only is she a lesbian, but she has great taste. I know some of you don't agree with the lifestyle and don't think government funds and tax breaks should go to same sex couples. But you can not agree with something and still reap the benefits. For instance, Cliven Bundy hates the federal government except when he's cashing federal government checks. GLAAD we had this talk.