James Franco Tried To Bang A 17-Year Old Instagram Chick


Whatever the media tries to tell you, Twitter and Instagram are America's #1 dating/banging apps, so when James Franco met 17-year old Lucy from Scotland outside his Broadway show Of Mice and Men, he told her her to tag him in her Instagram video. And by "tag" I mean, "I want to be able to find you later so I can follow you and DM you to see if you want to bang me in a hotel.

Actor/poet/aspiring MFA-Ph.D. James Franco might also be able to add "creepy older dude" to his C.V. after he—or someone very convincingly pretending to be him—tried to arrange a hotel hookup with a 17-year-old girl on Instagram. The girl, a small-town Scottish lass named Lucy, says she was on a trip to New York City as an early birthday present, and met Franco at his Broadway show, Of Mice and Men. She took an Instagram video with him, and he told her, "You gotta tag me." She did, and the 35-year-old Franco began an Instagram flirtation later that night. Lucy posted the whole thing to Imgur, so we now know exactly what James Franco's text game looks like. It's possible the messages in these screenshots have been faked, but Lucy did ask Franco to send photo proof of his identity—twice. The attempted hookup was not fated to occur, however, because Lucy doesn't turn 18 until May (and she ignored Franco's request not to tell her friends about their private Instagram convo).

You can see the texts and DMs HERE, HERE and HERE, or you can go back to texting the cam girl who followed you on Instagram last week. The one with the tattoos and the 6-month old. That's kinda gross, bro.