The Rock Has A Nice Wig In The First Trailer For ‘Hercules’


The first trailer for Brett Ratner's Hercules dropped yesterday, and if you hadn't figured it out by the end of it, The Rock screams, "I AM HERCULES!", so we can safely assume he's playing Hercules. As much as I love The Rock (who doesn't love The Rock?), keep in mind at the beginning of this post I said, "Brett Ratner's Hercules". It kinda looks like a cross between 300 and The Scorpion King and a PETA propoganda ad. From what I can tell, Hercules spends most of his time killing a bunch of CGI animals then wearing their heads as hats. Why would you wear a hat and a wig at the same time? What are you trying to hide? That makes you seem untrustworthy if I can be totally honest with you.