Johnny Cash’s Niece Was Found Stabbed To Death And Stuffed In A Box

Johnny Cash Niece Dead


Courtney Cash, Johnny Cash's great-niece, was found dead in a chest after dying from multiple stab wounds. Christ.

Putnam County Sheriff David Andrews said Courtney Cash's body was found Wednesday morning in a home near Cookeville, about 70 miles east of Nashville. Cash's body was found in a chest just inside the front door, Andrews said. A man identified as William Austin Johnson, Cash's boyfriend, was being treated for stab wounds at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Andrews said. Andrews said the pair had gone out with a friend before an altercation took place in the house where Johnson and Cash lived with their young child. The friend, identified as Wayne Gary Masciarella, has been charged with first-degree murder. Johnson escaped the attack and took the child with him before driving to the hospital, Andrews said. The scene inside the house was "somewhat bloody," Andrews told reporters at a news conference. "There was a struggle," the sheriff said. The suspect may have been trying to hide Cash's body, Andrews said. A motive was not released, but Andrews indicated the stabbings were likely connected to drugs. "This is a senseless, tragic death of a young lady whose life was probably taken as a direct or indirect result of drugs," Andrews said.

I didn't have to Google "Wayne Gary Masciarella", because I just assumed he was white. Because white dudes seem to really enjoy stabbing white women and stuffing them into boxes or trunks. Oh, you're into carpentry? What's that duck tape for? Why do you want me to see if this napkin smells like choloroform? Why is that tarp on the ground? I don't know how comfortable I am about the thought of a second date.