Fred Phelps Is Gonna Be Dead Soon. Happy Monday!

Fred Phleps


I'd never wish death on anyone, but Fred Phelps discovered a long time ago that if you want a platform to preach and inculcate hate on a mas scale, you have to do so under the guise of being a church and a spokesperson for god. The problem is, most people who claim to be that make god seem like a real dick. But the good news is, those people always find out that god doesn't hate anything. Mostly because he's a malevolent absentee father who made the Earth his ant farm and is indifferent to your pain and suffering. Or your slow, painful death in a hospice. The lives this man attempted to destroy will be his legacy, and when the gays take over, and they will. We can all take comfort in the fact that Phelps failed in what he tried to do, because love will always conquer hate. Wow, not really sure what's in this tea I'm drinking right now. Anyway, Fred Phelps will be dead soon. Yay!