Russia Today News Anchor Liz Wahl Resigned Live On The Air


While Tea Partiers and Conservatives will literally side with anyone if that person opposes Obama, even if that means figuratively sucking the dick of a raging sociopath like Vladimir Putin, American-born Russia Today news anchor, Liz Wahl, said "eff this shit, homey" and resigned live on the air because she "could no longer be part of a network that whitewashes the actions of Putin". She'll probably be killed on the way to the airport because she shook the hand of a gay or whatever the official report will be, but there's something noble and badass about standing up for your core beliefs at the cost of your job. Conservative news outlets are already saying this was planned an set up, because everything to them is a conspiracy to destroy the white race and their way of life. You know, like slavery. Haha, thought I'd let you forget about that didn't ya, bro? Calm down. Go eat some cheese and shop online for a new cardigan. You'll be okay.