Justin Bieber Still Enjoys A Refreshing Sizzurp


You'd think after getting popped for a DUI and freely admitting you were turnt up to the police, that Justin Bieber might keep a low profile when you move to a new city. But please keep in mind, I'm coming from the place of reason where I don't have a God complex or believe that my snapback makes me invincible. TMZ reports:

It's better than Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster — it's Justin Bieber holding one of his fabled STYROFOAM cups on his way into an ATL nightclub … a clear sign of lean … and it's all on video. TMZ has obtained security footage at Tongue & Groove — showing Bieber entering the club Monday evening holding a tall, white styrofoam cup … the telltale container for lean … aka sizzurp. It's the first time Bieber's been seen holding one of these cups — and our sources say he had the cojones to continue partying with it inside. As we reported, Bieber's drug use — specifically lean and weed — has spiraled out of control in Atlanta … in fact, one source said he was constantly high … drinking more lean, smoking more weed than ever.

Atlanta seems like the perfect place for Justin, because you literally can't walk five feet down the street without somebody trying to give you weed or asking you if you have weed. And if you go to any after party, it's like Golden Corral set up a new location, but instead of steak and self-serving ice cream, there's a shit load of drugs that people will pass out like Tic Tacs. So basically what I'm saying is that Bieber will probably be dead soon. No harm done,