Matthew McConaughey’s Oscar Acceptance Speech Was Amazing


Look, I saw The Wolf Of Wall Street and pretty much believed Leonardo DiCaprio had the Best Actor Oscar on lock, and I even said that until yesterday afternoon. Then…I watched Dallas Buyers Club, and…damn. He slayed it. I'm not sure what new strain of weed he's been smoking lately, but between Magic Mike, Dallas Buyers Club, and his utterly phenonemal work on True Detective, Matthew McConaughey has become one of the greatest actors alive today. And when he says, "gratitude reciprocates", it's surprising how many people don't understand that or just refuse to understand that. Be thankful and appreciative of any kind gesture, regardless if the person can offer you anything, and your soul will lose it's shit over all the good things that come your way. As my favorite writer once said, "the person you love and the person who loves you are rarely the same person", but that doesn't have to matter. Be kind and appreciative to everyone who sees something in you that you may not see in yourself. Damn, shit's gettin' deep up in here (up in here). So in conclusion, watch this acceptance speech to change your way of thinking. Weed sold seperately.