We’ve Gone Mobile

IDLYITW Mobile Site


Hey, so are you tired of needing mutant eyes or glasses from the future to read this site on your phone? You are? Yeah, me too. Nice we could bond like that. So, I'm pretty excited to announce that IDLYITW now has a mobile version that went live yesterday. I'd like to give a special thanks to Katie who finally got this done after I whined about it for almost three years. Katie also dated Ryan Gosling once and saved a puppy from an alligator one time. No, three alligators. So she's pretty badass all around. Anyway, we're not trying to healthcare.gov this thing, so if you see anything you don't like, or we could make better (if you say anything about the galleries, I'll cut you) leave it in the comments, and I'll let Katie know. Sorry, Katie. That build up wasn't for nothing. Happy reading on your phone, everyone. Try not to walk into anything. Oh, and if you have an Android. Shut up. Nobody wants to hear it. Sorry your phone sounds like a robot.