Philip Seymour Hoffman Had 72 Bags Of Heroin In His Apartment. Seventy-Two.

Philip Seymour Hoffman Heroin


I'm not a pharmacist or a doctor (in the United States), but if you wanted to be found dead in your apartment and be mourned by your loved ones because of your inability to overcome your addiction, there are worse ideas than having 72 bags of heroin in your apartment. Again, that's not a misprint. SEVENTY-TWO. Philip Seymour Hoffman had 72 bags of heroin.  New York Post reports:

The NYPD hunted for Philip Seymour Hoffman’s drug dealer on Monday to track down the source of the 72 small bags of heroin found in the tragic actor’s Greenwich Village apartment, sources said. Investigators found 49 sealed bags and 23 bags that were open and used. In all, 59 were marked “Ace of Spades” and 13 had the “Ace of Hearts” logo. There were also two charred spoons, syringes and a small amount of cocaine in the $10,000-a-month apartment. Cops also discovered an assortment of prescription pills, including:

  • Clonidine hydrochloride, a blood-pressure medication.
  •  Buprenorphine, an addiction-treatment drug.
  •  Vyvanse, which is used to treat attention-deficit disorder.
  •  Hydroxyzine, used to treat anxiety.
  •  Methocarbamol, a muscle relaxant.

Like, I've been sitting here trying to wrap my mind around what kind of next level junkie would need 72 bags of heroin readily available at any given moment. Do you have to pass some kind of written test and maybe a practical? Was he going to be on the new TLC show Heroin Hoarders? I don't get it. I mean, I didn't want to watch the Super Bowl either, but not that bad. I can't overstate this enough. He had 72 bags of heroin in his apartment. The only brightside is that if you're looking to see Michael Jackson's ghost, this substantially narrows down your search.