Lena Dunham Compared The Characters On ‘Girls’ To Walter White



For some unknown reason, despite plummeting ratings and Lena Dunham naked in every episode, HBO has renewed Girls for a third season. So at the 2014 Winter TCA Press Tour yesterday, Lena Dunham and executive producer Judd Apatow were left to defend the decison, because outside of the HBO bubble, every character on the show is a self-absorbed, horrible human being with no reedeemable qualities. Also, Lena Dunham is naked a lot. But don't worry about how far Lena Dunham's head is up her own huge ass, because she compared the character of Hannah to the possibly the greatest charatcer in the history of television, Breaking Bad's Walter White. Yeah, you read that right. E! News reports:


But it wasn't all renewal news and tacos as an awkward moment during the Girls panel occurred when a male reporter said he didn't get all the nudity on the show, particularly with Dunham's character, and asked the creator and star why she's constantly naked. "Do you have a girlfriend?" executive producer Judd Apatow asked the reporter. "Does she like you?" He later added, "This guy looks in the mirror and feels bad about what he sees." (Executive producer Jenni Konner later said the reporter's comment send her into "a rage spiral.") For her part, Dunham stressed that the constant nudity on the show is "a real human expression" and said, "If you're not into me, that's your  Dunham also defended her polarizing character Hannah, the flawed but oh-so-watchable writer, for being unlikable to some viewers, saying, "People ask 'How can you sympathize with [Hannah],' and I'm like, 'You seem to like Walter White!"
Oh boy. Breathe it out, Todd. Breathe it out. *pets cat, thinks about the ocean* Whew, ok. First, fuck this bitch. Let's just get that out of the way now. Fuck her and fuck her show. It's Sex and The City with even uglier chicks that tries way too damn hard to transcend exactly what it is: a show written by a 27-year old, white bred elitist born to rich, pseudo artist parents who happened to be friends with Judd Apatow who instilled in her a ridiculous and completely underserving since of self-esteem by telling her how great she was every day of her life to the point where she truly believes she's some sort of trailblazing feminist and hipster sex symbol. Tell you what, replace Lena Duhnam with Candice Swanepoel in the exact same show and let me know just how "feminist" this show really is. Oh, Candice Swanepoel gets naked a lot? Then that's just the patriarchy trying force their unrealistic archetype of beauty penis into our unshaven vaginas. Do us all a favor, take several seats. And thanks for playing.