Justin Bieber’s Bodyguards Attacked Some Cops, Got Their Ribs Kicked In

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I don't know how much self-loathing and money it would take to be a bodyguard for Justin Bieber, because having to protect a douche with no concept of reality or perspective on himself who spits on people then runs and hides behind you seems like a pretty fulfilling job. You know, except when the police Rodney King you. TMZ reports:

Two of Justin Bieber's security goons were busted in Florida after allegedly attacking a cop TMZ has learned … and for once Justin's got an airtight alibi. We got video of bodyguards Hugo Hesny and Michael Arana leaving jail in Miami Sunday.  Police confirmed the two were arrested Saturday night after a "Miami Meet Up" for Justin's new movie in Aventura, Florida. The words "meet up" — like the words "I'm retiring" — are confusing, turns out JB himself was NOT in Florida — he was up in Canada snowmobiling. Details of the incident are sketchy … but we know Hesny was arrested for battery on a law enforcement officer and his bail was set at $10.5K. Arana was popped for disorderly conduct and bail was set at $1,500. According to a police report obtained by TMZ … Arana became loud and disorderly — demanding to know why his friend (Hesny) had been arrested. Police say Arana "took a fighting stance and clinged (sic) his fist" and resisted arrest until officers put him on the ground and "delivered numerous knee strikes" to Arana's ribs. The arresting officer also reported smelling alcohol on Arana's breath.  What's still unclear — why his pal Hesny was arrested in the first place.

Apparently Justin Bieber only hires people who share his sense of entitlement and inability to fight, so this seems about right. Maybe they should have challenged the cops to a dance off instead.


pic source = Instagram