Nobody Went To Go See The Justin Bieber Movie ‘Believe’

Justin Bieber


On Wednesday, Justin Bieber announced on Twitter that he was retiring. Of course that was bullshit, because he has a new album coming out and the very next day, his new movie, Believe, dropped in theaters. As you probably expected, the retirement announcement was just a publicity stunt to make tween girls trip over their maxi pads to get to a movie theater. He probably should have said the first 200,000 people in line get a free One Direction t-shirt. Radar Online reports:

Open Road Films released Bieber’s Believe on Christmas Day hoping to attract his large teenage fan base, but it failed next to the release of his highly popular Never Say Never documentary and didn’t even rank in the top 10 at the box office. In fact, Believe raked in a disappointing $1.25 million on Wednesday while playing at approximately 1,000 locations, losing out to holiday blockbusters The HobbitThe Wolf Of Wall StreetSaving Mr. Banks and American Hustle.

Just so we're all clear on how far this wigger has his head up his ass, he released this movie on Christmas day. Makes sense since his mother already said he was the Messiah, but is anybody really getting out of their pajamas to go see this movie when they can just download it on their new iPad later that afternoon? Kids do that now. Look it up. It's called "pirating". No, seriously. You can illegally download movies. For real. It's a new thing that just started.


pic source = Instagram