Chris Brown Got His Probation Revoked Again

Chris Brown


At this point, why doesn't Chris Brown just kill four people then say he was too wealthy to understand his actions so he won't have to deal with any of this anymore? Hahaha oops sorry Chris Brown can only be blonde with dye. E! Online reports:

Chris Brown isn't going anywhere, except to another courtroom across the country. But at least it's not jail. A judge revoked the R&B star's probation today in light of his October arrest for alleged assault in Washington, D.C.—but instead of being taken into custody, Brown was ordered to just keep doing what he's been doing. Meaning, the 24-year-old F.A.M.E. artist will remain in the treatment facility where he's been living and continue to complete the 24 hours of community service per week that's required of him, take his prescription meds and abstain from marijuana (including the medical kind). "Pleased he is doing well in the program and for that reason the court is not included to take the defendant into custody," said L.A. Superior Court Judge James Brandlin. Brown is not allowed to leave California except to travel to a hearing in the D.C. assault case on Jan. 8, where he's required to appear in person, according to attorney Mark Geragos.

So to cure his anger managment problem, Chris Brown is being locked in a facility and isn't allowed to take prescription meds or smoke weed? Maybe they can show him pictures of decapitated puppies or a Katherine Heigl movie to fully make sure he comes out a complete basketcase.