Lindsay Lohan Says She’s Not Banging Liam Neeson’s Son

Yesterday, reports surfaced that Lindsay Lohan was hooking up with Liam Neeson's 18-year old son, Michael. Since his father hasn't throat chopped Lindsay yet, I assumed this was a made up story. But now Lindsay is denying it, so that means it's absolutelty true. TMZ reports:

Lindsay Lohan is practicing the safest kind of sex — NONE — because she's too busy focusing on her career to worry about boys … sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ. According to sources, Lindsay's laughing off reports she's hooking up with Liam Neeson's 18-year-old son, Michael … claiming they're only friends and have been for quite a while. In fact, sources tell us, Lindsay hasn't been dating ANY of the people she's been reportedly seeing recently, including male models Morgan O'Connor (a friend of a friend) and Liam Dean (whom she met on a photo shoot). Instead, we're told Lohan is laser-focused on her sobriety and her career … plus, she's spending at least 2-3 days a week shooting her docu-series​ for Oprah's network.

Man, Lindsay sure does spend a lot of time focusing on her sobriety and her career to never be sober nor have a career. I'd take her more seriously if she said she was focusig on one of those paintings at the mall that you have to stare at to see a unicorn on a wave.