This Is Ryan Seacrest’s New “Girlfriend”

Shayna Taylor Instagram


Since Ryan Seacrest's contract wasn't renewed with Julianne Hough and her tight ass, the world was on pins and needles wondering who he would date next to guard the closet for him? "Who will he date next to guard the closet for him?" many people would say. We now have our answer, my friends. Her name is Shayna Taylor, and she's a 23-year old fitness trainer or something. With his new lease, Ryan Seacrest upgraded the boobs package. TMZ reports:

Ryan Seacrest is more predictable than crap in a diaper — the "American Idol" host has a new lady in his sights after dumping Julianne Hough … and shocker, she's also a hot blonde. The girl's name is Shayna Taylor … she's 23 … annnnd that's pretty much it. According to our sources, Shayna runs in one of those hot blonde Hollywood crowds filled with Instagram models who pretty much party exclusively at rich people's houses. And that's how Seacrest met her roughly a year ago. It's unclear if Ryan and Shayna are boyfriend and girlfriend … or just "close" friends.

This chick also dated Terence Howard, so the only thing we really know about her is that she more than likely uses baby wipes after she goes to the bathroom. If that's the case, she and Seacreast should last a long time, because he has a box of baby wipes in every room of his house. Some are even scented.



pic source = Instagram