Kanye West Isn’t A Petty Child At All

Less than a week after he left Nike for Adidas because Nike refused to tithe, Kanye West let the voices in his head instruct him to tell people to boycott Louis Vuitton because the head of the company, Yves Carcelle, has been revealed to be Donda's real killer. Hahaha no I meant Carcelle didn't drop everything he was doing to meet Kanye in Paris even though every time you see Kanye in the airport, at least 20 Loius. TMZ reports:

Kanye West just ordered all of New York City to stop buying Louis Vuitton … STAT! Kanye was on 92.3 NOW radio station moments ago when he handed down the edict, saying, "Everybody in New York City right now, don't buy any Louis Vuitton until after January." Kanye says he's trying to make a point to the head of Louis Vuitton, Yves Carcelle, who refused to meet with the rapper the last time he was in Paris. Kanye's point … Yeezy's got power and influence … and he's using it to teach Frenchie a lesson. FYI, Kanye's been on an anti-fashion crusade recently, claiming the world's top designers have essentially blackballed him from the industry because he's a black rapper.

Just to make sure we all fully understand what's happening here, Kanye threw a hissy fit and left Nike over 5% to go to Adidas (kids love Adidas!) and now he wants people not buy Louis Vuitton because some dude wouldn't meet him for drinks. If you want to pick up this flag and charge with Kanye, feel free, but I sincerely hope you get shot by a cannon and buried in a mass grave. Because I hate to be the one to point this out, but Kanye is psychotic. If you have to constantly have to refer yourself as a genius, here's the thing: you're not. Although he's more than welcome to call himself "God", because he seems to have the complete meltdown and holding a grudge thing pretty much figured out. Also, Kim looks like she might have a burning bush. Right now, today, a rapper has his fee fees hurt because the fashion world won't wash his feet with their hair and tears of gratitude. Tupac probably wants to be resurrected just so somebody can shoot him again.