Taylor Swift Has A New Boyfriend Probably

Taylor Swift is 23. Taylor Swift is also emotionally stunted and infantalized. Taylor Swift's best friend, Haille Steinfield is 16. Haille Steinfield introduced Taylor Swift to Douglas Booth. Douglas Booth is 21. Douglas Booth is old enough to drink. One of Taylor Swift's last boyfriends, Conor Kennedy, was a junior in high school. Conor Kennedy was 17. Conor Kennedy dumped Taylor Swift for being to clingy and needy. Taylor Swift and Douglas Booth took photos together in a photo booth. Taylor Swift probably has candles around those pictures now. People reports:

Does Taylor Swift have a new British beau? Ten months after splitting from One Direction's Harry Styles, the "I Knew You Were Trouble" singer has been spotted with another U.K. heartthrob – Romeo and Juliet's Douglas Booth. "They hired the back room and were in there alone," a source tells PEOPLE of the duo's cozy night at The Holly Bush in London on Friday. "They looked very happy [and] were just smiling and laughing just like any other customers." The duo possibly met through Swift's close friend Hailee Steinfeld, who starred opposite Booth, 21, in the latest installment of Shakespeare's classic love story about star-crossed lovers. Swift, 23, showed up at the Los Angeles premiere's after party in September, where she was seen getting flirty with Booth. The pair hung out with a group of friends (including Steinfeld), chatting and taking a series of fun photos in the photo booth.

Hanging out with 16 year olds, taking pictures in photo booths, having bangs. All tell tale signs of someone who has never experienced orgasm without the help of batteries. She should have saved the album name "Red" for the first guy who didn't mind period sex. She's gonna regret that one day.