Ashley Greene Is Being Sued For Burning Her Condo Down

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"They let me adopt these dogs after my last one burned to death under my bed. They don't look scared at all!" – Ashley Greene


Even though the fire that burned down her condo and killed one of her dogs was ruled accidental (lots of candles are apparently an accidental fire hazard), Ashley Greene has money and is famous, so the doorman (and four other residents) is now suing her because he happened to breathe in smoke. Poor guy. He should be completely financially compensated for having to endure a known hazard of his job. TMZ reports:

Ashley Greene is being sued over the fire she started in her West Hollywood apartment that killed her dog and injured the man who helped rescue fleeing residents. Adrian Mayorga just filed a lawsuit against the "Twilight" star — obtained by TMZ — in which he claims he was hurt while running through the smoke-filled hallways, while yelling and screaming for residents to flee.  The doorman claims he suffered exhaustion, dehydration and smoke inhalation and ended up in the hospital. Four residents in neighboring units have also sued, claiming the fire wreaked havoc on them with soot and water damage. The fire started when a candle in Ashley's unit set the sofa ablaze, killing her Fox Terrier, Marlo.  A second dog survived.

Although she could stand doing a thousand lunges and squats a day, Ashley Greene is hot, so this lawsuit should be thrown out on general principle. Does the doorman even have leaked naked pics that are easily available by a simple Google search? No? Then why are we even having this conversation? *Googles "Ashley Greene naked"*