Justin Bieber Will Never Go Back To Brazil

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Hey, remember when Wigger King Justin Bieber was spray painting buildings in Rio De Janeiro before banging hookers? Turns out that building was a $46M luxury hotel. And it Brazil, that means up to a year in jail. Oops. The Daily Mail reports:

Justin Bieber is wanted by police in Rio de Janeiro for spraying a hotel wall with graffiti. An inquiry has been started into the 'act of vandalism' by the singer after he defaced the side of a £23 million hotel in the early hours of Tuesday morning. And a police spokesman said the Canadian could be arrested when he next tries to enter Brazil. The singer, 19, along with friends and bodyguards, was seen spraying the wall in the city's upmarket district of Sao Conrado at around 3am on Tuesday morning. As well as childish drawings of faces and baseball caps, the teen star scribbled phrases such as 'Bielibers 4 life' and 'respect privacy' on the side of the private property. The hotel – which is being renovated – was bought by a group of Brazilian businessman in 2009 for around £23 million. Local newspaper photographers trying to take pictures of the Canadian idol reportedly had to call police after being attacked by members of the singer's entourage. One paparazzo claimed he was left half-naked after having his clothes ripped off by Bieber's bodyguards. Another's car was reportedly pelted with bricks they had ripped from the cobblestone pavement. The singer was later reported to have stuck up his middle finger and shouted 'suck my d***' to photographers trying to snap him in the act. Graffiti is a considered a crime of vandalism in Brazil which carries a jail sentence of between three months to one year. According to civil police chief Antonio Ricardo, officers tried to locate the Canadian after he left the wall at around 6am.

Justin Bieber is a badass rebel who doesn't play by your rules of society, because he is a legendary pop artist who doesn't need to abide by laws to express his art. Right now he's probably going into his private jet's cockpit to fly the plane himself back to Brazil so he can land it right in front of the police station so he can walk right in anLOL I mean his punk ass will never go back to Brazil because they don't allow you to bring your bodyguards to jail with you.