Kelly Clarkson Wants A Christmas Miracle In Her Uterus


Kelly Clarkson did and interview with Valentine In The Morning yesterday, which detectives will later say was the motive that drove her husband of 11 days to that murder-suicide.

Kelly Clarkson checked in with Valentine this morning and said her life is great, but she has babies on the brain! Clarkson, who is now Mrs. Blackstock, was married October 20th – and is ready to have kids with her new hubby. She already has names picked out! "I want babies!" Clarkson told Valentine. “Everybody keeps saying, ‘What do you want for Christmas?’ And I’m like, ‘I want to be pregnant.’ “…She wants two children in addition to her two step-children. And she wants to be pregnant for Christmas!

No pressure, just get her pregnant by Jesus' birthday so she can break into people's houses and steal all their Christmas food and sleep in their beds. And sit in their chairs. I don't know what kind of self-loathing it would take to get Kelly Clarkson pregnant, but he obviously ignored the biggest red flag. This chick never wears shoes or a pedometer. She really wanted to be in a position where she wouldn't feel bad for saying she was eating for two.


[h/t The Superficial]