Justin Bieber Thinks He’s Banksy Now

Justin Bieber Instagram


Because he's not content on just be a regular douche, Justin Bieber is raising his douche game by spray painting bunnies on walls because he thinks that's art. E! reports:

On Thursday, Oct. 31, the 19-year-old pop star Instagrammed pictures of his art tagged on buildings. The Biebs himself could be seen practicing his "street art" (aka his "new hobby") wearing sneakers, saggy pants, a hoodie and a baseball cap. In one picture, Justin is shown tagging "RIP PAC" on a concrete wall. It is unclear whether he was memorializing Tupac Shakur, the pet hamster he named in the late rapper's honor, or both. The "Believe" singer's partner in crime for the evening was R&B singer Khalil. The former Def Jam artist Instagrammed a picture of "Me & Bizzle trying something new" which, amusingly, shows a cop car—flashing lights on—just around the corner.

We can call what Banksy does art if you want, but it's still just some dude with some stencils and cans of spray paint. But when you're an insulated 19-year old who probably needs to cut up prostitutes to feel alive, you might think defacing private property is pretty dope. I heard one time Bieber cut his finger trying to open some spray paint then his bodyguards beat up the can and told it it better recognize a real nigga. Bieber nodded while he finished the rest of his sippy cup.