Ireland Baldwin Got People Offended

Ireland Baldwin Instagram


Ireland Baldwin dressed up as a Native American (or Indian or Redskin) for a Halloween trip to Disney World, and as you'd expect, white people who can't wait to get offended, got offended. Then she went on a Twitter rant.



Ok, I was with Ireland…..then she dropped this.


Yikes. Well, ok then. I guess when a white person wants to go as a lawn jockey next Halloween it should be cool because hey HISTORY. Look, I'm Native American (yes, I even have a card), or whatever we were called before the words "native" and "American" existed, so if somebody wants to dress up in a headdress and face paint, that's cool, because it would be like me dressing up in a cowboy hat and rotten teeth. It's a costume, because the people who wore those things don't exist anymore. And if Ireland Baldwin was an actual Cherokee Indian, she wouldn't have picked that costume. But every white person I meet has a grandmother who was a Cherokee Indian princess. I don't know much about Cherokee Indians, but they sure did have a lot of princesses. That must have been cool.