Chris Brown Got Arrested For Assault

Chris Brown Arrested


Stop me if you've heard this one. Chris Brown punched someone. TMZ reports:

Chris Brown was arrested in Washington D.C. this morning for FELONY assault after allegedly attacking a man outside a hotel … TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … at around 4:30 AM Brown got into an argument with a man outside the W Hotel on K Street and allegedly punched him once in the face.  We're told the alleged victim never threw a punch. The alleged victim tells TMZ … he and a friend were hanging out at the W when they saw 2 women about to take a picture with Brown.  The victim — who says he's not a Chris Brown fan — says he and his buddy photo bombed the 2 women and Chris went nuts, punching him in the face and BREAKING HIS NOSE.  He went to the hospital and says he may need surgery as early as tomorrow.  Law enforcement sources and the alleged victim tell TMZ … before striking the man, Chris said, "I'm not into this gay s**t, I'm into boxing."  After Chris punched the man, the fight was taken to the ground.

But, wait, there's another version of events.

Sources connected with Chris tell TMZ … the alleged victim is full of BS.  He was NOT trying to take a pic with Chris … he was trying to get on Chris' tour bus, and Brown was simply trying to stop a trespass.  The sources say before the incident the 2 girls tried to get on the bus but they were stopped, and that's when the victim and his friend made their move. The alleged victim tells TMZ he doesn't understand why Brown was "so homophobic" to hurl such a slur.  And get this … the victim says he would have accepted an apology at the scene, but now he will absolutely press charges — and he's already hired a lawyer.

So, either this dude tried to push up on a picture that Chris Brown was taking with two actual fans, or he tried to get on his tour bus without being asked. I'm more surprised that he's surprised that he got cracked in the nose. But I guess you can pretty much do anything as long as the other person breaks your nose and calls you gay. I mean, all he wanted was to screw up somebody's picture or break into to a tour bus. Now he has has to get a lawyer because he was stopped from doing both of those things. I hope Chris Brown breaks into this guy's car or photobomb his next Instagram to give him his settlement check.