Dakota Johnson Might Want Out Of ’50 Shades Of Grey’ Now

Good lawd this week has been boring. So keeping with that theme, here's more 50 Shades Of Grey casting news, but this time, instead of Charlie Hunnam explaining exactly why he pulled out of the movie other than the fact that he realized he agreed to do it, we now have news of the female lead, Dakota Johnson, having second thoughts because the insane fans of the novel are insane. E! Online reports:

Charlie Hunnam may not be the only person uncomfortable with all the attention he's received because of Fifty Shades of Grey. A source tells me Dakota Johnson is also feeling the pressure. "Dakota is having a very hard time dealing with all the press," the source said. "When she first got the role, it was way too much for her." The source said that Johnson went from being a virtual unknown to someone "everyone wants a piece of." "It's been tough," the source said. A rep for Johnson declined to comment for this story.

Does anybody want to be in this movie? Anyone? The title sounds like a Crayola box for color blind people. Let's move on.