Justin Bieber Suckered Punched A Dude In A DJ Booth, Then Hid Behind His Bodyguards

Justin Bieber Instagram


So, Justin Bieber was at a club in South Korea where EDM DJ Michael Woods was doing a set, and apparently he didn't like the music. And because he lives in a world where he pays people to carry him up the Great Wall of China, he had no issue barging into the DJ booth and telling Woods to stop playing the music he was paid to play and play some hip-hop instead. When Woods told him to "f**k off and put some clothes on", Bieber sucker punched the closest person nex to him, which was Woods' tour manager, Alex Madden. Then he immediately ran and hid behind his bodyguards who then grabbed Madden by the throat. TMZ is reporting that the club is saying this never happened, because they probably have a monetary interest in Bieber coming back. However, feel free to read Michael Woods' and Alex Madden's tweets about what happened after the jump. I think they might want to behead him and use his skull as another speaker.