Walter White Got A Real Obituary In The Albuquerque Journal

Walter White Obituary


If were unsure if people actually existed who get way too emotionally attached to fictional characters, fans of Breaking Bad gave Walter White an obituary in a real newspaper. Via Verge:

Some die-hard Albuquerqueans have brought Walter White to life outside of the world of Breaking Bad — just in time to announce his death. A high school science teacher named David Layman worked together with others via an unofficial Facebook Breaking Bad fan club to place an obituary on page A4 of the Albuquerque Journal for the chemistry teacher turned drug kingpin.


If you don't want to know how he died, you might not want to click on this link because spoilers, bitch.


Walter White Obituary

"Greatly missed"? Did these people even watch the show? The only thing that misses Walter White is the beige clothing industry.