‘Breaking Bad’ Almost Ended With Skyler Killing Herself, Walt Remarrying

No matter how great a show is, people will always bitch about the series finales even that's the only way the series could possibly end (see: The Sopranos, Lost, The Shield). That's not happening with Breaking Bad, of course, because DAMN. Nailed it. But the near perfect ending (like, uhhhh, why didn't the Nazis check the trunk?) we all saw Sunday night was almost very, very different. Vince Gilligan tells The Hollywood Reporter:

"We had versions we talked about, where the police were coming to get him and he uses it on the police. But we didn't like that; it didn't seem right," Gilligan said. "We had a version where he goes and breaks Jesse out of jail just as the Nazis were going to knock Jesse off in jail. And he comes in and uses the M60 to lay waste to an entire prison or prison bus." They imagined it could look like the classic scene from The Terminator, only it'd be Walter White walking in and shooting up a police station, not Arnold Schwarzenegger's T-800. Gilligan said they didn't necessarily get far with those ideas, but that he and the writers would "talk them through for hours on end." "As bad as Walt is, we don't want to see him killing good guys. If he's going to use this M60, even if it's slightly less surprising, let's see him use it on guys even worse than he is," Gilligan explained. Last year's season-five premiere also showed Walt having New Hampshire license plates and drivers license, but the writers didn't exactly know what that would mean later. "We talked about him having a new wife. We had a new job. We talked about him teaching at some sort of learning annex type of place, teaching chemistry," Gilligan said. "We had a scene where he made peanut brittle …. and you can tell by the exactness which with he goes about cooking that he misses the cooking of the meth." They also talked about having Skyler kill herself and, in an alternate idea, having Skyler go along with Walt and the Disappearer. However, they couldn't figure out a way for Walt Jr. to go along with that plan.

Look, Walt Jr. would have gone along with any plan if you told him it included unlimited breakfast food. That wouldn't have been a problem. And if you told him they made cereal that tastes like bacon he would have changed his name to Kony Cruz Jodiarias Dahmer.