Amanda Bynes Is Too Crazy To Appear In Court

Amanda Bynes is due on court to face charges for tossing a bong out of her window, but she's super crazy so it's gonna be a while.  Page Six reports:

A lawyer for troubled ex-child star Amanda Bynes told a judge Thursday that the pot-loving party girl would not be able to appear in court in New York for up to 18 months while she gets psychiatric treatment in California. “A year to 18 months” replied Gerald Shargel, Byne’s lawyer, when Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Diana Boyar asked when Bynes could be ready to face charges lodged after she tossed a bong out of the 36th-floor window of her West Side pad last May. “She’s in a hospital in California. It’s uncertain when she will be released. Obviously she is being treated there,” he said, adding that he hopes to settle the criminal case before then. “We are in touch with the district attorneys office and we hope to resolve this by Dec 5th,” Byne’s next court date, he said. He also asked that the court to not issue a bench warrant for Byne’s arrest for not showing up.

Now that Det. Olivia Benson is free, she needs to call Stabler so they can handle this? We have her DNA at the scene, what's the hold up? Oh, Stabler is probably has family drama and Benson heard a loud noise and her PTSD flared up.