Kanye West Said He Beat That Photographer Because He Was Scared

Kanye West


Because humans cannot stare upon the face of the Almighty God, Kanye West is claiming self-defense in his July 19th attack on a paparazzo in which a photographer came to close to Kanye's light that shines on the Earth and bathes us all in his loving grace. haha jk Kanye's a douche. TMZ reports:

Kanye West says he went after that photog at LAX because he feared for his safety … and that's why he pulled out a can of whoop ass and used it.

Kanye is responding to the civil suit filed by the paparazzo who claims Kanye assaulted him on July 19th at LAX and caused him serious injury.  According to Kanye's answer to the lawsuit, filed by Shawn Holley and obtained by TMZ … he believed "his safety was in immediate danger."   And then there's this:  "[Kanye] responded to this assault by doing only those acts that were reasonably necessary for his self-defense …" In addition to the civil lawsuit, Kanye faces criminal charges that could land him in jail for a maximum of 1 year if convicted.

You can see the full video here, and I don't know about you, but I would totally be in fear of my life from a dude who was engaging me in friendly conversation and walking backwards in a crowd of a hundred witnesses. I can't believe he didn't summon his mighty trident and strike this Philistine with his Jesus lightning. Thus spake, Ye.