Zac Efron Spent ‘A Lot Of Time’ At Charlie Sheen’s Mansion

Earlier this week, people were shocked to learn that Zac Efron went to rehab for a blow addiction and many questioned how a clean cut, boring actor could become a raging cokehead seemingly overnight. He went to Charlie Sheen's house. Mystery solved. Radar Online reports:

During Zac Efron‘s downward spiral into the world of drugs, he was partying it up with the notoriously fast-living Charlie Sheen, is exclusively reporting. According to a source close the situation, Sheen and Efron were introduced by a mutual friend. “Zac was in Charlie’s inner circle for a few months. The two became very good friends. Zac was spending a lot of time at Charlie’s Beverly Hills mansion and they were definitely partying together,” the insider revealed. “There were a lot of very good looking women hanging around.” The source says Sheen’s friends were shocked to see the former Disney star partying with him — but he held his own. “Some of Charlie’s friends were very surprised to see Zac hanging around Charlie because he looked like such a clean cut guy,” the source told Radar. “However, he could party with the big boys.”

Charlie Sheen is now denying this, because I guess he's not a fan of winning anymore. TMZ reports:

Charlie Sheen says the media outlet that's reporting he had Zac Efron over for drug-fueled parties is totally making it up. Sheen tells TMZ … he hasn't even seen Zac for nearly a year … specifically when Efron showed up to the set of "Anger Management" 11 months ago.  Charlie says he showed up not to see him … Zac was there because they share the same publicist who happened to be on the set. The report claims Zac visited the set at least a dozen times.  Charlie says it's all made up … Zac was there that one time only. As for the claim Zac spent a lot of time partying at Charlie's house and then strongly insinuating they were on cocaine binges … Charlie says, "ridiculous."

I'm not really sure who to believe here. Is Zac Efron just a struggling addict or is he now an invincible warrior who hears voices in his head with powers granted to him through tiger blood and banging whores? I don't know about you, but I'll be thinking about this weekend.