Joseph Gordon-Levitt Says It Would Be ‘Tacky’ To Clarify His Sexuality

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Out


We won't get into the irony of being vague about gay rumors in the context of an interview with Out Magazine, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt sat down to promote his new movie, Don Jon, and his amazing "Pictures of Assholes", that's been online since 2006, came up (where he films two paparazzi following him who, after Gordon-Levitt Charlie Roses them, reveal they only took his picture because "“We saw a young star with another guy, and it’s implied that there’s something going on,”). Flash forward seven years later, and Gordon-Levitt is still the subject of gay rumors. And really doesn't give a shit.

Contrary to many celebrity-paparazzi encounters, no punches are thrown, no voices raised. Gordon-Levitt does not even bother refuting the gay innuendo (“That would be really tacky—they would win if I had to clarify,” he says)

The only gay rumor about Gordon-Levitt that I know of is that he might have dated Michael Pitt a while back. So? He might prefer penis over vagina. I fell in love with a David Beckham underwear ad once. It happens. It's not causing the floods in Colorado. I realize that might be hard to believe, but trust me on this. The only issue I see with him being gay is that hipster chicks might try to ride their unicycles off a cliff after taking a Xanax and drinking a case of a pumpkin IPA.