Dr. Phil Tweeted This Then Deleted It

Dr. Phil Twitter


I didn't realize Dr. Phil was still a thing, but he tweeted this yesterday then deleted it almost immediately after the rest of Twitter went apeshit. If he would have taken off the "reply yes or no" he could have said it was rhetorical, but obviously it's ok to have sex with a girl if she's drunk. How do you think babies are made?  I can't thank tequila enough for all the amazing blowjobs it has gifted upon me. However, it's definitely not ok to have sex with a girl if she's drunk and passed out. Like, why would anybody want to do that? Unless you're into necrophilia or Kristen Stewart, I'm not sure how that could ever be appealing. But it's basically the plot of Snow White, so Disney is teaching your kids that it's ok to sexually assault a woman in her sleep. Happy Wednesday, everyone!


Source = Twitter