Justin Bieber Could Be Getting Deported

Justin Bieber Instagram


Although he's a punk who wears hoodies and causes trouble everywhere he goes, Justin Bieber hasn't been shot yet because he's white and rich and has bodyguards who stand their ground for him so his bitch ass doesn't have to finish every fight he starts. Then they give him a bottle of formula and a plush toy because that's what you do with toddlers who have tantrums. Maybe one day they'll give him some Benadryl. But apparently his last tantrum in the Hamptons caused his bodyguards to beat the hell out of somebody and now the police are investigating, and if he's found guilty of assault, he could be deported back to syrup land. The Mirror reports:

Cops have confirmed they are investigating the situation which occurred at approximately 4am last Saturday night. The incident unfolded in Southampton club South Pointe as his security team are accused of being “heavy handed” and “intimidating” to other party-goers. Law enforcement were NOT called to the scene but a police spokesperson told E! News an unidentified male victim received medical treatment in a nearby hospital and filed a complaint.“If Justin is convicted of assault or battery, he could be refused admission to the United States or be placed into removal proceedings from the United States," explains immigration attorney Richard Yemm to US magazine Star. Sources told Star magazine how his bodyguards “take the heat and go after people he has a problem with, he thinks he’s invincible”. They quote an insider who says Justin reckons there would be “a cold day in hell before he’d actually be charged with anything”. Famous last words?

Instead of deporting him, they should let him start some shit in a bar without his bodyguards, and if he wins he can stay. Scratch that. If he gets in one punch, he can stay and they can tear down the Lincoln Memorial and build one for him. That seems fair.


Pic source = Instagram