The Sister From ‘That 70s Show’ Died

Lisa Robin Kelly


Lisa Robin Kelly, who played Eric Foreman's dumb and slutty sister on That 70s Show, died in her sleep last night. Good for her for winning the Death Lottery. TMZ reports:

The 43-year-old actress passed away in her sleep Wednesday night at a rehab facility in California…Sources connected with the attempted rescue tell TMZ … when emergency responders arrived at the rehab facility, they found needle marks on both of Lisa's arms.  However, her BF tells us the reason for the needle marks is that he took Lisa to a hospital on Sunday — because she had a .34 blood alcohol level … and nurses made multiple attempts to insert a needle into her vein to extract blood.  After several attempts, medical personnel were able to use a vein on the top of Lisa's wrist.

From Mila Kunis banging Ashton Kutcher, to Laura Prepon being kicked off Orange Is The New Black, to Lisa Robin Kelly dying of an overdose, the entire cast of That 70s Show appears to be cursed. What's next? Topher Grace starring in a new Whitney Cummings show? Somebody should probably tell Wilmer Valderrama that Disney chick he's probably banging right now is actually 13.