Sydney Leathers Made An Appearance At A Strip Club, 10 People Showed Up

Still no word from feminists about how opportunistic vaginas like Farrah Abraham and Sydney Leathers can reap untold fortunes just by being passably ok to look at while spreading your legs, so until then, here's a story about Sydney Leathers again trying to cash in over the fact that she sent some texts to a married politician then got pissed when he called it off. This time she made a scheduled "appearance" at a Jersey strip club then refused to get naked. Because she's a respectabe businesswoman now, you see. Page Six reports:

“There were no patrons in the club for the entire two hours she was there,” her rep told us, adding the somewhat weak explanation: “They booked it three days before and did no advertising.” Leathers’ rep added, “The club was very rundown and empty . . . Sydney is just happy she made $5,000 and is done with them.” The club — which says there were 10 patrons — is laying the blame on Leathers, adding that she refused to dance on stage or on laps and, to the shock of all, even declined to pose for photos with a Weiner look-alike and a hot-dog cart. “We tried our best to accommodate them, but it was like talking to a brick wall,” an HQ rep tells us of Leathers and her team. “They put her on some kind of pedestal . . . They literally wanted to charge people $20 just to take a picture with her.”

So to recap, a hideous looking ho whose obituary will include the words "sexting partner", went to a scheduled apperance at a strip club where she was an entitled bitch to everyone because seeing her name on the Internet and in newspapers makes her believe she's somehow important now and that people should be lining the streets just have the honor to pay her $20 to be in the same picture as the woman who sent tit pics to a married dude. My god. When will this war on women ever end?