RiFF RaFF GoT aRResTeD FoR DrUgS iN nC

Riff Raff Arrested


Riff Raff, the wiggerspiration for James Franco's character in Spring Breakers, was arrested for drug possession in Greensboro, NC last night. RAP GAME MATLOCK. TMZ reports:

Riff Raff just learned Southern hospitality only goes so far … he was arrested early Sunday morning in North Carolina after cops found drugs in his car. The rapper was tooling around Greensboro at around 2:30 AM and bizarrely stopped in the middle of traffic to talk to a bunch of pedestrians … and if we know our Riff Raff, we're guessing he was pimpin' it. Cops approached the vehicle and say they saw an open container of alcohol, which then triggered a full-blown search of the vehicle.  That's when police say they found weed and some sort of powerful narcotic, along with drug paraphernalia.

Ok, so I live in NC, and they named it Greensboro before they knew there would be a damn shit ton of weed there. Or they did. They might have been time travelers who thought a funny joke would be to name it Greensboro, because they landed in their time travel saucer and somebody handed them a blunt then they thought, "Damn, there's like a whole lot of weed here. Weed is green. Write that one down. We'll add something at the end." Then they traveled back to 1750 and that's how weed first became a cash crop. Seriously. Ask our history teacher.