Bruce Willis Passed On ‘Expendables 3’ Because They Wouldn’t Pay Him $1M A Day

Bruce Willis


Many people were excited (ok, I might be exaggerating) that Harrison Ford replaced Bruce Willis in Expendables 3, but Sylvester Stallone was even more excited he didn't have to pay Ford ONE MILLION DOLLARS A DAY. THR reports:

Sylvester Stallone let the world know Tuesday that Bruce Willis was out of the upcoming The Expendables 3 for being "greedy and lazy," and it seems that laziness was not the primary issue…..A source with knowledge of the situation says the fallout was over a specific money demand. Willis was offered $3 million for four days of consecutive work on location in Bulgaria for the film. "He said he'd drop out unless he got $4 million," this source close to the production says. "A million dollars a day. Stallone and everybody else involved said no." Stallone then quickly reached out to Ford, who was game to join the Expendables cast.

Some people may think Bruce Willis was being a dick here, but have you seen his girlfriend? She costs at least $2M a day.