Justin Bieber Started A Fight In A Club Then Hid Behind His Bodyguards

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I really can't overstate this enough: Justin Bieber is an entitled douche in a flat bill hat and leather pants who somehow convinced himself he's black because he pays black people to hang around him. And like a true gangsta, he starts shit in clubs then is scooped up and put in a baby bjorn so he can be protected while his bodyguards secure him in his car seat so they can go finish the fight he started while he claps with glee and has a juicebox. You know, like he sis Saturday night at South Pointe in Southampton when he showed up at 2 a.m. and immediately threw a tantrum. New York Daily News reports:

Multiple sources told us he was accompanied by four “intimidating” and “overbearing” bodyguards. Partygoers trying to take photos of the 19-year-old had flashlights shined in their faces by Biebs’ security team. “They were heavy-handed in their protection of him,” said one person who was at the club. A tall blond attempted to enter the VIP area but returned to her friends a few minutes later, saying, “They wouldn’t let me talk to Justin.” A short time after that, a source tells us, a female clubgoer tried to chat up the “Baby” singer, and her male friend and Bieber had a heated exchange. “He (Bieber) ripped his shirt off and went nuts. He was screaming,” says the source. Security moved in, and Bieber was taken from the club out to the parking lot, where his SUVs were waiting. Sources tell us that at this point the earlier altercation reignited and club patrons, Bieber’s friends and the star's security team were involved in a fight; one witness reported seeing blood.

TMZ also reports that Bieber actually jumped through the sunroof of the SUV, because apparently he had to tie his night-night blanket around his neck like a cape or whatever it is three-year olds do. Later, he flailed around an aisle in Target because hismommy wouldn't let him put a toy in the shopping cart.