Wayne Gretzky Found Out He Was Traded To The L.A. Kings While Babysitting Robin Thicke

Let that headline sink in. Breathe it in. Wayne Gretzky used to babysit Robin Thicke. Fox Sports (via an interview Gretzky gave in 2012) reports:

Thicke, who is most known for his career as an actor, game-show host and songwriter, was in Norway while Gretzky watched over the house with Thicke’s youngest son, Robin, who is now a famous R&B singer. Thicke picked up the Oslo newspaper in the morning, and saw Gretzky’s face adorning the cover. Since he could not understand the text, Thicke called home to learn of the news. He later found out that Gretzky had been traded from Edmonton to Los Angeles, and that Gretzky had left the house to join his new team. Thicke had to find a replacement nanny for the house and Robin immediately.

Robin Thicke thinks he's black now, but in 1998, he was a rich kid of a dad who was on Growing Pains and the greatest hockey player of all time was his babysitter. I can't wait until they base Precious 2 off this story.