Chris Rock Should Do Every Make-A-Wish From Now On

Chris Rock Make-A-Wish


There's no way in hell I can give an adequate lead up to this since the power of it's awesomeness cannot be overstated, so here's it is. A story Chris Rock told Jerry Seinfeld on Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. (via reeddit via The Superficial):

CHRIS: I had a Make-A-Wish kid, like 15-year-old kid, dying of cancer. And I snuck him the Pam Anderson sex tape. You know, in between all the other crap, here. [laughs] He’s dead now.

JERRY: But he lived a little more.

CHRIS: He lived a little more. [smiling]

Holy hell. We're men. It does't matter if we're dying of cancer. Give us something to jerk off to. We're bored.