Amanda Bynes Is Staying Under Psychiatric Hold For A While

Amanda Bynes Psychiatric Hold


After starting a fire in a random driveway, Amanda Bynes was placed on a 72-hour 5150 hold on Monday night (because see post right below this), but that has been extended for two more weeks at her parents' request so they can seek a conservatorship. Looks like they got your money now, Amanda! E! reports:

A judge on Thursday granted the family's request to have the 27-year-old starlet's temporary psychiatric hold extended for up to two weeks, E! News confirms. Bynes, who was originally supposed to be released today after being placed on a 72-hour-hold Monday, was represented by a court-appointed attorney.  We're told that Rick and Lynne Bynes asked Amanda's doctors to recommend to a judge that it was in her best interest to remain in the hospital. Rick and Lynne are expected in court tomorrow morning to request a temporary conservatorship that would place them in charge of their daughter's legal and personal affairs.

I don't know what facility she's in, but I know every employee has probably went home and took a long look in the mirror. "Am I ugly?", they will say. Sometimes people just face the cold hard truth about themselves.