Kris Jenner Feels Bad For Paula Deen

NEW SLAVES. E! Online reports:

Jenner believes the press may have gone a little too far.  "I feel really bad for Paula Deen right now," Jenner said. "She's taken a lot of heat and probably feels overwhelmed with what's going on. The media gets ahold of something and they won't let go."

Awww, poor Paula Deen. What's the world coming to when an old, rich white woman from the South can't even say "nigger" in 2013 without being relentlessly and uneccesarily persecuted and dropped like a black girl's ass in the club from every single endoresement she has? I don't even know how I'm going to sleep at night knowing that miscarriages of justice like this exist. Luckily she's an emotional eater and will probably be dead soon. The only she could possibly do to fix this thing is bring Mandela back to life, but butter is only a harlot from hell and a succubus of Satan that cannot raise the dead. And isn't Kris Jenner doing this wrong? She should be having parades during Black History Month, because the only reason she's famous is because a black guy beheaded his wife and another black guy got head from her daughter. She should be posting Malcolm X quotes on Facebook, not trying get free maids from the white lady.