Diabetes Has Fired Paula Deen


Like most successful corporations, Paula Deen employed vertical integration by selling cookbooks that contain recipes for deep fried chocolate wrapped in bacon while being paid to the be the spokeperson for the diabetes drug, Novo Nordisk. You'd think that Paula Deen's symbiotic relationship with diabetes would be a cash cow for a drug company who doesn't want to find a cure would be able to weather any storm, but much like Wal-Mart, their strong sense morality (lol I mean PR) has forced them to fire her. TMZ reports:

TMZ has learned … Paula and diabetes drug maker Novo Nordisk have parted ways … at least for now.  Deen — who has Type 2 diabetes — was a spokesperson for the company's campaign, "Diabetes in a New Light."  Paula was singing the virtue of Novo Nordisk's diabetes drug Victoza, which she takes … she also ironically was promoting "lifestyle changes."

A Novo Nordisk spokesperson tells TMZ … they have mutually agreed with Paula to part ways for now, "while she takes time to focus her attention where it is needed."


The great irony of Paula Deen wanting slavery back is when she eventually has her foot amputated from diabetes. Circle of life, my friends.