Jim Carrey Refuses To Promote ‘Kick-Ass 2’ Because It’s Violent

Jim Carrey Kick-Ass 2


One of the lighter scenes in the insanely awesome Kick-Ass is when a father shoots his pre-teen daughter in the chest the takes her for ice cream afterwards, so one can only assume the violence in Kick-Ass 2 would be exponentially crazier and, you know,  more. This information would have been readily available in the script. A scipt that Jim Carrey read and agreed to be involved with. A scipt that Jim Carrey read and agreed to be involved with then smiled when the millions of dollars hit his bank account. Man, that was great. But now, with the movie due out in August, Jim Carrey is refusing to promote it because….clutch your pearls……it's too violent. Yeah. MTV reports:

Summer movie season is well underway, but Jim Carrey has a few comments about his own entry into the blockbuster season. The Hollywood vet took to Twitter on Sunday say he "cannot support" "Kick-Ass 2," the latest adaptation of Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.'s comics. "I did Kickass a month b4 Sandy Hook and now in all good conscience I cannot support that level of violence," he wrote. "I meant to say my apologies to others involve with the film. I am not ashamed of it but recent events have caused a change in my heart."

Right. A change in his heart. Not a big enough change for him to donate his salary to the families of the Sandy Hook victims, because that would involve Jim Carrey pulling his head out of his ass. You can read Kick-Ass creator Mark Millar's response here, which basically could have just said "dafuq?". Mark Millar reweeted me once so I think we all know where my loyalties lie.