Robert Downey, Jr. Wants You To Control Your Kid

Robert Downey, Jr. attempting to console 18-month old Jaxson Denno


If You haven't seen the greatest photo to hit the Internet yesterday, here's Robert Downey, Jr. pondering his fight or flight response in Massachusetts as 18-month old, mom-proclaimed "Iron Man fan", Jaxson Deeno, has a meltdown because RDJ wasn't in the Iron Man suit. Sure, I can understand how a child would be disappointed if he was promised Iron Man and got Tony Stark after a fresh shave instead, but please keep in mind this child name's is "Jaxson" and his mom gives him a faux hawk. This probably won't be the last disappointment he faces in life. It's good for children to learn to deal with this early in life.


Pic source = Facebook