Paris Jackson Attempted Suicide Because She Wasn’t Allowed To Go To A Marilyn Manson Concert

Paris Jackson Suicide


With a meat cleaver and painkillers. Seems like pretty reasonable response to hearing the word "no". The Sun reports:

MICHAEL Jackson’s daughter Paris attempted suicide after a blazing family row over going to a Marilyn Manson concert, it was claimed last night. The 15-year-old is said to have “flipped out” and screamed at a relative who stopped her seeing the shock rocker. She locked herself in her room, then reportedly cut her arm with a cleaver and took an overdose of painkillers. It is claimed she left a note and rang a suicide hotline.

Paris Jackson is a reminder that females start out as regular human beings until that first egg drops then shit just gets out of hand. Can't go to a concert? Think of the most overdramatic tantrum possible and ride it out until you get all the attention. Seems about right. I'm beginning to think unfertilized eggs are actual people because they obviously make the person hear voices.