Playboy Has Offered Amanda Bynes Her Own Radio Show

Since their business model of exploiting young women with estranged parents seems to have been working for 50 years now, Playboy has decided to throw something else against the wall to see if it sticks by offering Amanda Bynes her own radio show. What could go wrong? TMZ reports:

"Ask Ashley" could be making a HUGE comeback … with a dirty twist … because TMZ has learned, Playboy is offering Amanda Bynes her very own radio show. Playboy Radio offered Amanda a guest hosting gig yesterday — but now, a rep for the station tells TMZ, execs want her around FULL-TIME … and have officially submitted an offer for Amanda to host her OWN hour-long daily radio show. The offer is for a one-week trial … but if all goes well, we're told Amanda can extend the deal to a full year. Playboy's pulling out all the stops to make her feel welcome too — we're told the org. is willing to provide Bynes with a driver to take her to work … as well as her very own producer to handle the show's logistics.

The most important part of this subscription money grab is that THEY WANT TO OFFER HER A FULL TIME GIG!!! You know, for a week. Because they know the lure of a mentally ill child star muttering insane ramblings will wear off in a week, but your radio subscription will last a year. Nice one, Playboy! Maybe you buy Hugh a damn Bu-Ray player.