Amanda Bynes Got Evicted

Hey, remeber when Amanda Bynes would stay in her apartment building all day smoking weed and creeping people out in the elevators and knocking on people's doors then calling them ugly and running away? Appparently you can get evicted for that. Radar Online reports:

“At 9 p.m. on Tuesday, movers showed up and removed Amanda’s belongings from her apartment,” a source told the magazine. “Even before her arrest, residents had constant complaints about the smell of marijuana coming from her apartment,” the source is quoted as saying. “She had also cursed out residents and the doormen, and the smell of pot from her apartment was really annoying people.”

Amanda Bynes claims she doesn't smoke weed or do drugs, so who are going to believe here? Regular people? These people aren't even celebrities or models. They're probably just mad Amanda Bynes is a beautiful princess who chooses to live her own life. I bet all her neighbors are ugly and are jealous of her timeless beauty and class. Amanda, can I get an RT? Also,  FOLLOW ME!!!!!