Chris Brown Is Terrifying The Neighborhood Children

It's a well-established fact that Chris Brown is a horrible monster who beats women and repeatledly throws hissy fits and gets a Messiah complex when things don't go exactly his way or he's called out for being a miserable human being, so it's really no surprise that after he moved into a house in an exclusive neighborhood in the Hollywood Hills, he immediately set black hoodlums back two days by paiting huge ridiculous murals on his outside walls. Of course, his lawyer said that he's the one being persecuted.  Los Angeles Times reports:

Chris Brown's attorney is slamming neighbors who are demanding the star remove street art-style murals from his Hollywood Hills home. Neighbors claim the monsters are scaring neighborhood kids and ruining the hillside aesthetic of the area below Lake Hollywood. "There are lots of babies, lots of children, and they're literally frightened. It's like devils on the wall — big scary eyes and big scary teeth, and just the whole vibe is not what we're used to," said Patti Negri, president of the Hollywood Dell Civic Assn. Responding to complaints about the monster art, L.A. city code officials cited Brown for unpermitted and excessive signage and ordered him to remove the art within 30 days. He also faces fines that start at $376 but could rise significantly if he fails to comply. Brown's attorney, Mark Geragos, said the musician is not backing down. He says it's the neighbors who are harassing Brown. "I'm scared of neighborhood busybodies like this," Geragos said. "They've called animal control. They have sicced parking [enforcement] on him, and now they reached the heights of ridiculousness here. Shame on them."

Instead of saying, "Oh, this is a nice neighborhood. Maybe I shouldn't ghetto it up.". Chris Brown actually said his neighbors should "get a fucking life" and compared his murals to what kids see in Harry Potter movies. Good idea, Chris. Make more enemies who can have the funds and connections to make your life a living hell. Maybe Chris Brown should pull his dick out in a daycare or buy live tweet his shopping trip to buy 30 presure cookers. You know, just to fully drive the point home that he maybe isn't the best at making life decisions.


Note: Jensen Karp, a Los Angeles art dealer, tweeted Chris that his murals aren't really art and that they are only getting shown in galleries because people want to capitalize on his fame. Chris Brown's repsone? Hahahaha, classic Chris!